"Thanks," Olivia said before blowing out the smoke.



              It’s not uncommon for the oddity to trip after strangers —
              attempt to befriend them with toothy smiles and kind words.
                                         Don’t be too alarmed.

                  ❝buddhism seems so…—cool. plus, that chubby guy
                  with the moobs seems totally with it; y’know, far out.❞

"You mean Buddha? Whose name the word buddhism comes from?” 

"Did you hear that?" The fear was clear in Olivia’s voice. A haunted house. Why did she ever think it would be a good idea to visit one? 




          Abigail sat on the cracked and worn away bench in her home town park. Drops on rain rolled down her cheeks as she watched the many feet run and splash against the ground— watching the people somehow try and run away from the rain instead of just embracing the cold kisses it’ll leave on their noses.

                  Her nibble fingers circled around one another, her cheeks now dripping with not only the water of rain, but the water of her tears. She would look down at the ground every time someone warm would pass by her, only wanting to feel the cold and bitterness that was her heart and soul.

                           She was pure nothing now, her wings were now fading away from life, and every day she walked around with her knife by her side more and more, one day she will hold it for a full twenty-four hours, the last minute to run through her heart and end her whole life at once. 

                                    ”Please— will you please go away.”

Olivia hated the rain; it blurred out her vision, it soaked her clothes and hair, and it made people dumber than ever. But she knew that her father got mad whenever he saw she’d been standing in the rain without an umbrella or a raincoat, so naturally, she walked slower than usual.

She was now going through the park. Maybe she could lie down on the grass and just let the rain fall on her. Olivia loved that idea, but as she sat down to go through with her plan, someone was asking her to leave.

Maybe the girl wasn’t talking to her, but Olivia wouldn’t miss an opportunity to be snarky. “Well, you don’t own the park, so…”

"Would you rather have a one night stand or a "friend with benefits"?"




       ”I’ve come to tell you that you’re a fucking prick.”

"Well you’re kind of a bitch, but you don’t see me rubbing that in your face."

After the party, Olivia decided she wanted to walk back home. She knew her father would go mad, but she couldn’t care less. It’s what happened for embarrassing her; she defied him.

It wasn’t completely dark; the streelights made it seem less like a ghost town. Olivia thought she was alone until she heard steps from behind her. She stopped and turned around. One of the lights flickered. She debated in her head whether it’d be wiser to stop, run or to just continue walking. She tried to go with the latter, but the footsteps were still there. Oliva turned around once more. “Who’s there?” She tried to keep her voice from shaking, but she couldn’t deny that she was afraid.